!All Ages Nerf Fun!

(For kids and adults!)
I am a mom who runs not for profit, organized Nerf games once a month for ALL AGES currently located at various parks in the Hayward/Union City area (location is given when you RSVP). We play multiple battles, with breaks in between for collecting darts, resting and reloading. Some game modes include: freeze tag, civil war, push the flag, defend the core, seize the balls, capture the point, king of the hill, capture the flag, and more. Players can play every game, or sit out if they need a break. All ages, boys, girls, and adults welcome, from 6 to 99!
This is NOT a drop-off event, I am not a business,
parents/guardians MUST be present. 
  1. SIGN AN ONLINE WAIVER (Unless you've previously done this for all players because you only need to do it once!)   https://waiver.fr/p-x8SDP
  2. EYE PROTECTION (All players must have glasses, sunglasses or some sort of eye protection for every round.)
  3. Your own Nerf blaster(s) (marked with your name/initials), shields, melee weapons (foam swords, rolled up socks). Bring more than one as your child won't be able to play if they only have one and it breaks, jams, or doesn't perform well. (We do not provide blasters.)
  4. GOOD ATTITUDE & ABILITY TO FOLLOW THE RULES (Please read them to kids before attending)
  5. $8 donation per player
I provide plenty of foam darts, rival balls, discs, boomco, half darts, and megas for your use. I ask for an $8 per player donation to cover the costs I incur for darts and equipment. If you have a financial hardship, please let me know and/or pay what you can afford. All players are expected to help sweep (pick up) darts after each game mode, especially at the end of the day and must return all ammo to me at the end of the session. 
All rules will be explained at the event and are also included at the link below. Children participating must be able to accept guidance, follow directions, be good sports and be team players (have a good attitude, no bad language, players must return to their base to respawn when tagged). WARN YOUR KIDS, PLAYERS WHO DON'T FOLLOW THE RULES WILL BE ASKED TO SIT OUT. Responsible adults are asked to keep an eye on their players to help keep them on track.
MODDERS: We have a soft cap of 150 FPS. We have small kids, don't hurt them. Use good judgment and bring several blasters so you can switch if I ask you to.
Parents: Consider your children and their tolerance for being hit with darts. Welts, while rare, can happen, so make your decision to attend and play accordingly. 
Bring WATER and a SNACK for your child, nerfing is hard work! Hats, sunscreen, etc. also recommended. At all locations, there is a bathroom and playground (for younger siblings). HEAVY RAIN WILL CANCEL THE EVENT. You will receive a notice via email in advance in the event of cancellation as long as you RSVP'd via Evite. 
Happy Nerfing!

Modding Links:

Lord Drac



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Mar 01, 2020

1:00 -4:30 PM

Nerf Battle Sun., Mar 1

Apr 04, 2020

1:00 -4:30 PM

Nerf Battle Sat., April 4

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