Official East Bay Area Nerf Battle Rules


We use blasters, not guns, we use darts, not bullets, and we tag each other and take “hits” during play. In today's world, this is more important than ever.  


0.  Don’t be a jerk.

We are all here to have fun, poor sportsmanship and bad attitudes ruin other people’s fun and will not be tolerated. Physical threats will immediately result in expulsion. Don’t do it, even as an empty threat.


0.5  Moderators

I will designate several regular and trusted players to help moderate each match. They will be wearing a bright YELLOW sash in addition to their red or blue team sash. These players will call hits they see and help everyone to observe the rules and abide by rule zero. DO NOT ARGUE WITH THEM, they are basically me. They are MY eyes and ears. If they call a hit on you, take it. If they point out a rule to you, follow it, period.


1.  Safety First.

Events are attended at your own risk and a parent or designated guardian must be present at all times if you are under 18, this is not a drop off event. The organizer or the property owner of the event site will NOT be held responsible for injuries or the loss or damage of personal property sustained during the event. Eye protection is mandatory for all participants. (ie: glasses, sunglasses, face shield (must be clear, no total face coverings allowed), goggles, etc.) Physical contact with other players is prohibited. NO POINT BLANK SHOTS ABOVE THE NECK! Headshots do count, but you should never be aiming for the head. Point your blaster lower and aim for the torso/legs when getting within several feet of another player.


At any time during a round, a "Hold" may be called, which will temporarily pause that round. Players should repeat the call of Hold so that all other players hear until the round stops completely. If a pedestrian is walking through the field, if a player is injured or if there is some other threat to personal safety, you are obligated to call hold. Do NOT move or change field position while a hold is called, consider yourself paused until I blow the whistle.


2.  Equipment.

Don't touch other people's equipment without asking! Each player will contribute $5 to use the dart pool. Modified blasters and melee weapons are permitted; all modified blasters must be approved by a moderator before use. Blasters may not be painted to look like real guns and must have an orange tip. Shields may be used for most game-types. Weapons and shields can block darts, but larger caliber ammo (Mega darts, Demolisher rockets, Nerf arrows, Z-bombs, socks, etc.) count as “shield buster” rounds and a hit to the shield will cause you to lose it for the remainder of the round. Shields may not be used as weapons and you may only use one shield at a time, no double wielding. NO UMBRELLAS as shields. No water balls in place of darts. FPS limit is 150, if you have an unmodified stock blaster, you are well within this limit.


3.  Gameplay

 A 'hit' or 'tag' is when a dart contacts your person, clothing, or blaster. When you are hit, raise your blaster or free arm above your head and return to your spawn point for the specified time. If you tag a player out, call the hit. If another player calls a hit on you, take the hit. If you are not sure that you hit someone, don't call the hit. When in doubt, just take the hit (see rule 0). NO ARGUING. TAKE THE HIT. If everyone is honest, and I will assume that you are, we all have fun.


If you experience a disagreement with other players, witness cheating or unsportsmanlike conduct like repeatedly ignoring hits or improper respawning, DO NOT ENGAGE other than to remain calm, remind them of RULE ZERO, and if the behavior is not immediately corrected, then please immediately leave to find and speak to a moderator privately so they can handle it. Coming to a moderator after the match or incident is not as helpful.


Darts may only be picked up off the ground while you are in play, not while respawning. Ammo carried on your person may be used to reload while re-spawning. All darts and equipment to be used during gameplay must be carried on your person. Spawn points are not your armory, please do not leave extra ammo or gear for use during the game. Specific rules and limitations may apply depending on the game being played, these rules will be explained before each game. A whistle will signal the beginning and end of each round. A dart sweep will occur between every round of play and the next round will not begin until this occurs. All players MUST HELP to collect darts - please let your children know they need to participate in this!


Be courteous/cautious of other park attendees, esp. small children!